Chef Workstation Downloads

  • Chef Workstation

    Version 20.7.81

    Chef Workstation gives you everything you need to get started with Chef Infra and Chef InSpec — ad hoc remote execution, remote scanning, configuration tasks, cookbook creation tools as well as robust dependency and testing software — all in one easy-to-install package.

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Chef Infra Downloads

  • Chef Infra Client

    Version 16.2.73

    Chef Infra Client is an agent that runs locally on every node that is under management by Chef Infra. When Chef Infra Client runs, it will bring the node into the expected state and prevent configuration drift.

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  • Chef Infra Server

    Version 13.2.0

    The Chef Infra Server acts as a hub for configuration data. The Chef Infra Server stores cookbooks, the policies that are applied to nodes, and metadata that describes each registered node that is managed by the Chef Infra Client.

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Chef InSpec Downloads

  • Chef InSpec

    Version 4.21.3

    Chef InSpec is an infrastructure security and compliance testing framework with a human- and machine-readable language for comparing actual versus desired system state.

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Chef Habitat Downloads

  • Chef Habitat CLI

    Chef Habitat enables modern application teams to build, deploy, and run any application in any environment - from traditional data-centers to containerised microservices. Chef Habitat provides built-in support for service discovery, configuration management, supervision, monitoring & health checks, rolling updates, deployment topologies, strict dependency management, and cross platform constituency.

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Chef Automate Downloads

  • Chef Automate

    Chef Automate Version 2 is an enterprise platform that provides actionable insights with enterprise scale providing a unified view of application and infrastructure changes to developers, operations, and security engineers.

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Additional Downloads

  • Chef Backend

    Version 2.1.0

    Chef High Availability makes it easy to build high-availability Chef clusters on any infrastructure.

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  • ChefDK

    Version 4.9.7

    The ChefDK contains all you need to develop and test your infrastructure, built by the awesome Chef community.

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  • Chef Manage

    Version 3.0.11

    Chef Manage is an Enterprise Chef add-on that enables a web-based user interface for visualizing and managing nodes, data bags, roles, environments, cookbooks and role-based access control (RBAC).

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  • Push Jobs Client

    Version 2.5.6

    The Push Jobs client communicates with the Push Jobs server, which extends the Chef Server to allow you to execute commands across hundreds or even thousands of nodes in your Chef-managed infrastructure.

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  • Push Jobs Server

    Version 2.2.8

    The Push Jobs server add-on, along with its associated client, extends the Chef Server to allow you to execute commands across hundreds or even thousands of nodes in your Chef-managed infrastructure.

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  • Supermarket

    Version 3.3.26

    Supermarket is an artifact repository that makes it easy to browse, use, and share communal cookbooks and tools within your organization.

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